Revox B126 CD Player Power Supply Troubleshooting Help Required

I have been repairing my B126 CD Player recently which has a problem on the Servo board, and I decided to take another stab at the repair.

I turned the unit on to make some measurements on the Servo board, I noticed the PS voltages were all wrong from the day before, so I decided to check the power supply itself and noticed the +5V & +10V & -5 & -10V supplies are now reading +0.2V (+5v) & +0.7V (+10V) ; -1.5V (-5V) & -1.5V (-10V).

Note this cd player has a standby power function as well which may complicate the troubleshooting

Refer to attached marked-up PS schematic pdf file for details.

Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


  • revox_b126_Power_Supply_001.pdf
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