Revive old Charlie Laub thread


I came across your thread from 3-4 years ago, about building a console to house a stereo. I had to laugh at your comment to Sreten (May he rest in peace)

I like the idea, because we have a very unique home inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright's Usonian homes. Our living room isn't a great room for listening, due to lots of hard surfaces, a 36' long glass wall, etc. I stumbled onto your thread while thinking about building a console that would be similar in looks to a JBL Ranger Paragon. (looks just as important as sound)

At the end of the 36' room is a long wall separating the living room from the bedroom wing. On the left side of the wall is a cabinet that in 1952 housed the owners projector system. We have outfitted that cabinet for modern stereo equipment. That "wall" is actually a series of high quality 3/4" fir plywood cabinets with redwood veneer. They are floor to ceiling cabinets, which are the closets for the bedroom on the other side of the "wall". This entire wall is at a 30 degree angle to the main room.

I like your idea to build a console; maybe a period design ala Paragon-ish. Then, I thought why not recess many of the speakers into the wall cabinets?

In some ways, the Paragon looks to me like a couple of transmission lines, or tapped horns laying on their sides. Not too hard to conceive of ways to modify that idea. With the film projector cabinet to the left of this wall, all the equipment can be located in it, and only the speakers need to be in a "console".

I'm looking for ideas, and inspiration. By the way, I like all the work you are doing on dipoles.