Revitalising a hardened cantilever suspension?

recently I bought a AKG P8ES SuperNova cartridge that, judging by the seller's microscopic photos, appears to have a very intact vdH II stylus. Unfortunately it doesn't play loud enough (I own another one with an aftermarket Shibata stylus to compare with), and it distorts in reproducing heavy piano attacks. The other cart/stylus doesn't. So, regarding it's age of more than 30 years, I suspect the rubber cantilever suspension is hardened. Is there any way to revive it? Or are there people who offer new suspensions/cantilevers or what so ever as a service?
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2014-03-01 11:53 pm
Some pics. The P8 rubber goes hard. Very hard so unlike say an ADC, you can't wiggle it a bit to get it back to life. Attached is one before and a couple of after shots. If you want to get yours in my next parcel to Russia to save postage happy to add it in.


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