Review: Scanspeak 10F/8414G10 Discovery 4 inch Fullrange

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Scanspeak 10F/8414G10 Discovery 4 inch Fullrange

Cliff's: Really good fullrange driver. Nice on/off-axis response linearity with the apparent breakup pushed out to ~16khz. A mild rise in output on the top end (to help combat the otherwise falling response off-axis) that could be easily flattened via DSP with a shelf filter if one were so inclined. Great usability above 300-500hz for higher output (to help overcome the mid-80's sensitivity). Truly an impressive driver for only $73/each (as of this writing).

Beautiful little drivers. I too have the 10F8424 G00. The magnet on that one sure deserves some respect :).
I was kind of hoping you'd test the Vifa/Peerless TC9 FD18-08 one day. That one, and the TG9 FD10-08 are related and reason of origin for the 10F, once they sold off the Peerless/Vifa line. The 10F will be the better one, I'm sure, but for budget drivers the predecessors do quite alright.
"If needing to use this as a midrange, though, I’d still recommend the actual 4-ohm midrange version of this driver if for no other reason than to gain back the sensitivity this one loses thanks to its fullrange purpose."

Old textbook says that at halving Z you gain 3 dB- with same power generator.
I don't understand why he/she remarks that it's due to an enlarged pass band, which can be true with a different design but this is not the case