Review By Build - NAP 200


2016-04-22 7:27 pm
After one year of procrastinating, finally i have been able to assemble the amp. Here is my setup:

1. Copper Bar - 13mm thick and 170 mm long. Bolted to the aluminium Base plate.

2. Aluminum Base Plate : 3mm Sheet. Full sheet size ( 260*350*3 mm )

3. Clamp - 16mm Aluminium Clamp on the Sanken's

The sanken's will be mounted to the copper bar with mica insulation and thermal grease. The base plate will be mated to the chassis and i will be drilling a few holes on the chassis. I live in india and the temperature in summers goes upto 40-45 deg Celsius or 108 Fahrenheit.

Here are the images.




Is this setup okay? any reviews / comments