[REVIEW] AIYIMA Tube Pream MC33078 / T5. Pictures inside

Hi amigos,

This is a little review of the AIYIMA Tube MC33078 / T5 preamp.
I upgraded the preamp with a pair of Sylvania 6AH6WA NOS made in the USA. The preamp is also equiped with 4 AOP MC33078 and full Nichicon caps.
There is remote control included (you can control volume / inputs / treble / bass)

Sound quality :

Compared to my AK4493 DAC, it sounds amazing well ! At least as good maybe better to my ears.
Very warm, the Sylvania tubes boost bass and the whole sound spectrum is well defined. Very pleasant to listen to, especially in the Jazz registers and classical.

For the price it is a bargain !

Spec :

Puces:CSR8635, HS100B, MC33078, PT7314
Taux d'échantillonnage USB PC:16bit44. 1 k/48 khz
Système de support PC-USB:XP/Vista/W7/W8/W10/LINU/XMAC/OS/X
Version Bluetooth:4.2
Impédance de correspondance Bluetooth:16-64Ω
SNR:≥ 98dB
Puissance de sortie maximale du casque:40 mW ~ 500 mW/300 ~ 32 ohm
Tension de fonctionnement:DC12V, ≥ 1A
Gamme de basses et d'aigus:± 14dB
Niveau de sortie RCA:2.3 V
Poids Net:0.4g

Pictures :