Reversed adjust pin cap on LT1085 - damaged?

I'm building a Vicol Shigaclone (anyone interested can see the thread under Digital Source). The PS boards are built to support either a L7808 or LT1085/86 style regulator in a standard layout. I was building mine with a LT1085 and discovered only too late that the adjust pin cap (used to improve ripple rejection) was installed backwards. When I powered things up I noticed immediately the output voltage started at near the expected value, but then gradually started dropping.

It was only after pulling the power and going over the installation again that I found the reversed cap. I gave that one up as possibly damaged. I pulled it and replaced it with another (oriented correctly this time) and on power up things look nice and stable from a Vout POV - but I haven't scoped it yet. Would this cap reversal have damaged any aspect of operation for the regulator?