Reverse Sagg


2005-03-26 2:31 pm
When you push on them, do they feel the same by the finger? (use two fingers to push at the edges of the VC cap, not the middle)

With very low frequencies such as an organ, you won't need much to get them moving.

At the VC end of the cone do both drivers have the rear suspension located at the same location? (can't tell from the pictures)
jleaman said:
It stays that way at all times. And it never bottoms out i never really push my speakers.. I dont need sound to be loud i listen at a nice level..

Bill is right, one has a surround installed incorrectly, but I'm not sure which. I don't have any HDS peerless at the moment, but my CSX 7" have the surround on top of the speaker cone, like the woofer on the left.

Question? On the woofer that sags...where did the dent come from? That could easily have something to do with it. It's also the one with the surround under the cone (which I would have thought pulled the cone outward...)