Retailer Evaluation Thread/Forum?

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I was wondering if anyone is interested in sharing their experiences with retailers, i.e. time to process order, general customer service, taxes, duties, shipping, etc.

I am somewhat weary of buying things I can't hold in my hand before forking over the credit card number, and I think it might be a good idea to swap stories. Everything would have to be taken with a grain of salt, of course. (Nelson will tell us that Pass Labs is the best company he has ever seen!!!:D )

There are a few places that seem to have some good deals, but I have never heard of anyone else's experiences with them, so I am a bit reserved about ordering from them.

What do you guys think?? Yay ou Nay?
Actually, I just ordered a bunch of surplus(mostly heatsinks) from BGMicro, a couple of TangBand w4-657s from Neura Acoustics(locally), 2 transformers from Plitron and a Shiva from Creative Sound Solutions. So I'll be busy for a month or two. I have 4 projects on the go right now, so I won't be ordering anything real soon.

When ordering these things, I was unsure of taxes, duties, shipping, etc. I thought sharing our experiences would help each other out...
if you folks share experiences you actually have made and can backup and take care that a particular retailer gets only a hard time if justified and does not get his reputation spoiled out of a mischievoius whim, then i do not see any objection aganst such a forum board.

I just am concerned about lawsuits concerning injust accusations. The forum cannot afford that.

OTOH, sharing experiences concerning customs habits, import VAT and the like would be a very good idea.

And, also if there are good experiences concerning a particular retailer, this should be posted then.
Actually, I have recieved 2 of the 4 orders have nothing but good things to say so far.

I also have to complement the USPS for getting my 20lbs BGMicro order from Texas to Vancouver in 4 days by regular ground service, which is supposedly 4 to 6 weeks.

I understand the possible problem concern with people who want to ruin a company's reputation. Maybe someone has some ideas about how to regulate that sort of thing. (without giving the moderators too much work!)

Also, I think that if a decent amount of people are interested in this, it should get it's own forum section. I think it wouldn't be very useful if it was orginized poorly...
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seangoesbonk said:

I had a good experience with BG Micro.

Also ApexJr (many), and Allelectronics (once). Good experience with Madisound (1), Image Communications (3), Michael Percy (a couple), Meniscus (1), Stryke (many), Gintaras (1), Vacuum State (a couple), and bad experience with MCM.

Sound Hounds in Victoria is really good (sean, you could just hop a ferry and visit -- likely the best dealer in BC, especially in terms of customer care).

And i have a good track record selling (mostly) vintage/recycle hifi bits (alot of alnico leaves here by Canada Post to destinations world-wide) -- mostly on eBay -- my feedback. Some examples.

Over a 1,000 posts and i finally get to do a post that is legitimate and a little promo -- thanks seangoesbonk.

Good experience with Parts Express (speaker drivers, xo parts). Multiple orders always came in on time, packaging did get pretty beat up though. Also Digikey, Mouser and is pretty good. To me Digikey is fastest, then comes Mouser and finally Futurlec. Good experience with Apex JR too. Ordered 3 transformers from Avel Lindberg, came in nicely packaged good quality and good prices.
holy fastness!!!

I placed an order of a Shiva Mk3 at yesterday(Tuesday) at 2:30pm. I got an email back at 4:45pm saying it was in the mail!!! I was impressed! I only live about a 2 hour drive from them, so I was hoping it would get it here on by Friday. I came home from work early today(Wednesday) at 12:30pm and guess what's sitting on my doorstep!!! Less than 20 hours total!!! I know I am using way to many exc!ama!ion marks, but damn, I'm excited!!!
You can't lose with Digi-Key, and Allied Electronics is just as good. Newark carries some things in a pinch but their website is often down.

I made an order with Percy Audio and I was shipped XLR cable connectors instead of XLR panel connectors. Percy agred to take them back.
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