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2002-02-18 7:53 pm
I know this is not ebay, however I have obtained these 1Ohm ohmite audio gold resistors for the ALEPH 5 I was building. I have changed my mind and decided to build the ALEPH 30 because I have come to see then I don’t really need all that power. My company managed to obtain 19 of these 5-watt wire wound resistors. Would anybody be interested in buying these for there own ALEPH 5 amps? I’ll sell them for $4 a peace or all 19 then for $70 plus shipping. You can e-mail me directly at [email protected] of you have an offer. As far is I know I an the only one who was ably to get these resistors and even I can not get anymore.

The is a quote from Ohmite about there resistors :

Ohmite now offers the Audio Gold Resistor Family, specifically designed for high-end loudspeaker and amplifier applications.
These resistors utilize high quality resistance wire wound on a
ceramic core, terminated, and finished with our flameproof
Centohm® coating.
Ohmite’s Audio Gold resistors have been carefully engineered
with non-magnetic materials to eliminate the effects of these stray
magnetic fields on circuit performance, thereby resulting in simplified
shielding requirements and improved sound quality.
Audio Gold resistors are designed for use in cross-over networks
and as source, emitter, or cathode resistors in balancing
applications for output transducers.

You can get more information at :


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