Resistor R2 and Zen


2002-09-05 6:14 pm
Hey Everyone,
After a long while of enjoying my 2 original Return of Zen amps in seperate systems, I am bringing them together in one room and I would like to create a set of monoblocks. I have been reading the old literature and understand that paralleling the channels is the way to go for increased power. My question is about the resistor R2 at the output of the circuit. If I parallel the channels, does it hurt to just use one 100 ohm resistor? If I parallel the channels with two 100 ohm resistors, 50 ohms would be the result, along with higher power handling. Would it affect the sound, or is it there just to block DC?
Thanks, TikiGod
PS, after looking around here, I might have to break out the soldering iron for a new project....