Resistor Question

This resistor appears to be brown,red,red,gold 1.2k ohm

Im posting this pic to get a 2nd opinion on the colors since the resistor measures 112 ohms wondering if I’m going color blind


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1 side of the resistor connects to the ground terminal of the amp then the other side goes to a 10 ohm resistor and through a Mylar cap and to the emitter of the outputs .

I checked the resistor again and it measures 112 ohms

I checked a 1.2k resistor with the same meter and it measures fine .

There are no other resistors in the amp just 1
It’s an old soundstream tarantula amp .

Here are some pics of how the resistor is connected .

I put the 1.2k ohm resistor in the amp but wanna make sure I have the correct value before I power it up since the other resistor measures way out of tolorance


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