Resistor ID help. Discolored from heat.

Resistor ID help. Discolored from heat.
It is hard to determine the colors on these resistors. The small one in the lower left measures 10k. Next one up measures 33.1k.

Over to the right the lower discolored one measures 1.5k and the one above it measures 32.4

mid bottom 1-0-0-2 = 10k
mid 1 up 1-5-0-1 = 1k5
mid 2 up 3-3-2-1 = 3k32
mid 3 up 3-3-2-2 = 33k2
right near TO92 1-5-0-1 = 1k5 (same)
right 1 up 1-0-0-2 = 10k (best guess, makes 'stereo-sense'), otherwise 1-0-0-1 = 1k0 (check measure)
Lower TO92 on right side is cracked.
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Do you know which is the right side and which is the left side in the attached picture?
In terms of reading the resistor values usually the leftmost band will be spaced a little further apart than the other 4 bands. Sometimes it can be hard to tell.

They also are not all oriented in the same direction.

One of the transistors has a huge crack in it if I am not seeing things. I would look for other fried semiconductors as well.

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Thanks for the input on this. I will do some more testing coming up.
I will probably do a separate thread about the symptoms, and faulty components that are found.
I ordered some transistors to replace the cracked one a few days ago; for some reason it is shorted out. hehe. Those are MPS8599 and MPS8099.