Required equipment for Leach build?

I am contemplating building a Leach amplifier (possibly using the chassis, heat sink and transformer from a Hafler DH200).

I have a two channel scope (Tektronix) and a decent DMM.

I do not have a Variac not do I have a bench power supply.

Are both these items critical? Can I substitute a light bulb in series to slowly bring up the amp?
Thanks for answering.
What does a bench supply typically cost for what I need (eBay).

It looks like the cost is a function of the number of channels, the number of volts and the number of amps. What is a reasonable choice?

Or, How realistic is it to substitute with a variac or the light bulb trick?

Thanks again,
The lightbulb in series with the live wire will do, as well as some resistors in place of fuses for the first time.

The main tool thats useful you have - a scope! Building the amp into an old Hafler chassis takes care of the heatsinking too. If you use Professor Leach's boards you should have no trouble :)
The light bulb "instrumentation" will save some trouble. I was not sure if the preliminary adjustments on the amp could be made in under this configuration.

The Hafler amps are plentiful - they must have sold a million and they are already drilled for the TO3's.