request high power amplifier

I am milad . I am come from iran . I am not good english language .
I am farsi language . I am Collegian electronic in iran , I want
a 400 or 500 or 600 or 1000 Watt R.M.S high power audio amplifier stereo
for project university . I does search on the forums and find circuit
PA-600 but there was write : might be an error or two in the drawing or parts
list ??? I want build a circuit high power audio amplifier 400 - 1000 Watt R.M.s
stereo for project university please help . ( please a working circuit and
not error ) I need to your help.



2005-01-09 9:51 am
3886 is something around 100W.
buy some commercial amlifiers/modules or build a extremely big linear amp on a extremely big heat sink use extremely big transistors (or IGBT).
abidr said:
u should be considering doing it chipamp way, using LM3886 in Bridge/parallel mode like BPA200 or 400, class D section u should be looking for LM4651/52, or LM4780 in brige/parallel application.