request high power amplifier

I am milad . I am come from iran . I am not good english language .
I am farsi language . I am Collegian electronic in iran , I want
a 400 or 500 or 600 or 1000 Watt R.M.S high power audio amplifier stereo
for project university . I does search on the forums and find circuit
PA-600 but there was write : might be an error or two in the drawing or parts
list ??? I want build a circuit high power audio amplifier 400 - 1000 Watt R.M.s
stereo for project university please help . ( please a working circuit and
not error ) I need to your help.

Mohandes, welcome!

If this is your first amp project, you must be very carefull. Even if you find a circuit diagram without errors, there is much that is not seen in the circuit but that will affect very much how the amplifier will work. High power amps are DIFFICULT as a first project, and it is almost impossible to built it from scratch with out problems.

My advice would be to start with a 50W amp from a kit and if you are experienced move up in power if necessary. And by the way, 1000W is only 3dB more than 500W which is only 3dB more than 250W etc.

Jan Didden