Replacing smoothing caps on Arcam AVR200 advice

Hi, I have an Arcam AVR200 I bought it ages ago as spares and repairs off eBay for £45. I have listened to a friend’s 200 and thought it was amazing. Anyway as it said in the EBay description, all channels have a buzzing sound, like a bad earth. It does have a buzzing, which in honesty is only mildly annoying when no sound is being put through it, in other words during breaks. I have done the standard things .. tried it with just one speaker connected , even took it to my friends to see if its maybe the power in my house although I have other audio equipment that this does not effect. After reading the forums threads with similar problems it seems to be a good start to replace the smoothing caps. So my first attempt at a fix is to replace the smoothing caps on the main amp board, they are 63v 10000uf RL 35X which from a quick search say they are Rubycon’s . The advice I’m after is what do I replace them with? I’m hopefully trying to achieve an improvement, though what the improvement will be I don’t know I’m not that technical unfortunatly. I have budget of about £25 for both. I live near CPC in Preston so I have first looked at their stock; there are Panasonics and Vishay’s from £9 to £12. One of the things I worry about is buying “better” caps at low price of eBay and finding out they are fakes or are low quality, one of the reason I buy from places like CPC RS etc.

The part number according to the Arcam Service manual is 8910-0078-0 CE 63v 10000uf 20%

One other thing if anyone has time to answer is that I have notice that some are 0.33ohm and 0.35ohm does this make a difference ? Should I aim for higher, lower or an exact replacement?

I would try to verify what is causing the buzzing first. Look for bad chassis grounds, cold solder joints, that sort of thing. Does the buzz go away with the volume all the way down? What if you push and prod the board with the power on using an insulated stick? (Preferably with disposable speakers connected, in case something goes horribly wrong.)

Measure the ripple on the power supply rails; some DMMs will do that if you just set them to the AC range, but others may need an isolating capacitor.

Apart from that, I'm under the impression that Rubycon, Nichicon, Marcon caps are all pretty good.
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