Replacing Rockford fostage p400-4 to...?


2011-01-25 1:17 pm
My Rockford fostage p400-4 is pretty "tired" (or just causing noise).
I checked it.
I would be grateful if you could please give me few options of 4 or 5 channels.
I dont mind if it An old model from the past 5 years.
As I live out of u.s - I will order from Amazon (I will also look at eBay).
in 200$...220$
Thank you!

Options found on eBay(New) - which of the models above is better that the Rockford P-400? (I'm not An audiophil...)
- Hertz HCP4 4 Channel 760 Watt 4x95W
- Hifonics Zeus ZXX-2000.4 4 Channel 2000 Watt 4x250W
- Hifonics Brutus BXX1200.4 4 Channel 1200 Watt 4x150W
- Hifonics Brutus BRX5016.5 5 Channel 1200 Watt 4x60W + 1x475W
- Hifonics BRUTUS BXX1200.4 4 Channel 1200 Watt 4x50W
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