Replacing Cones on a Technics SB-T200

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I have a Technics receiver with a set of Technics Tower, Surround, Center Sub-W speakers for awhile, and have been noticing that was getting a very poor sound quality for music, DVDs was alright.
I decided to replace the receiver with a brand new ONKYO TX-SR602, only to find out that my front tower speakers (SB-T200) seems to be busted. To begin with, I have no sound coming out of the tweeters, and one of the speaker unit as a whole is completely busted.
I am trying to make an assessment on what is my best option, to replace the cones (which I would prefer for cost reasons) or to replace the front speakers (for some other brand, like Infinity).

If I decide to go with replacing the cones, what should I look for ? Should I make sure that I maintain the same Watts, Impendance, etc... ? Or can I pretty much put anything as long as I keep the same diameter, etc... Any other important feature that I should be looking on the new cones ? Also, since each unit has 3 cones (tweeter, mid-range and loudspeakers) Should I replace all of them or would I be alright only replacing whatever is busted ?

Thanks for any information.
Time for your thinnin cap

THere are many more variables to think about. To start off figure out the box volume. Then from there you can do some modeling. Check if your box is ported or sealed. Measure the diameter and length of the port(s). You probably will be able to find something that will work or ever be better. But you will most likely have to make a new front baffle for the boxes. If you go that route there are some easy ways to pull it off.

I was able to isolate the problem to one of the channels on the new receiver, which I returned to the store. However even with the old receiver I notices for some time that I don't have much treble/high frequency while playing on plain stereo mode, what leads me to believe that the tweeter on both front speakers are out !?!?!? As a matter of fact if I play something with the grill cloths out, nothing comes out of the tweeters.

So I would like to start by replacing the tweeters. I was able to remove them easy by taking of the screews and unpluging the wire connectors. Now I need to find out what can I replace them with and still keep the new ones compatible with the woofers. Here is what I have found so far about the tweeter, by looking at the Manual.
Type - 2 way, 3 speaker system, bass-reflex
Woofer 14cm (5-1/2") coney type x 2
Tweeter 2.5 cm (1") dome type
Impendance: 8 ohms.
Input Power 200 W (Music)/100 W (DIN)
Output sound Pressure 86 dB/W (1.0 m)
Crossover Frequency 3 kHz
Frequency Range 38 Hz - 40 kHz ( at - 16 dB)
42 Hz - 36 kHz (at - 10 dB)

On the back of the tweeter I see the following code: T25KH03A6 and 9811ts1. Its outside diameter is about 4" and has a soft dome.

So, given these numbers what should I be looking for and avoiding on the replacement tweeter ? I checked an online store but could not find/understand anything that would match these numbers.

I'd really appreciate any help/information on this.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.