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    Building, troubleshooting and testing of these amplifiers should only be
    performed by someone who is thoroughly familiar with
    the safety precautions around high voltages.

Replacing 5-pin DIN inputs on a Telefunken Radio? +weird speaker output?


2008-01-16 6:43 pm

My name is Geir Helgi and I live in the good city, Reykjavík, Iceland :)
I went to an antique dealer today and found a great old Telefunken (5x)Tube Radio for $50..
I bought it because it's got inputs for a phonogram and those old portable reel to reel's (A.K.A. Magnetophones?)..
(The inputs are like a MIDI input or DIN, so it's 5 tilted pins in a half-ring and one hole in the middle..)
And it also has a seperate speaker output, with the weirdest plug I've ever seen (one boxed hole in the middle and a smaller "flattened-oval" beneath)

I want to feed something trough the radio and back out, into something else, so the audio travels through the tubes..

So my question is can I get some adapters (that would be the easiest way) or can I swap them out for RCA inputs, 1/4" Jacks, etc.?
If I can, how do I wire them?
I need one of the inputs (either Phono or Magneto) and that speaker output..
It also has ceramic inputs for the antenna and something else (ground?)

Anyways, here are some pics I found on the net:

and here's a picture that I've marked:
1: Phonogram
2: Port. Reel To Reel / Magnetophone
3: External Speaker Output

thanks a ton in advance!

-Geir Helgi


2008-01-16 6:43 pm
Colt45 said:
Should be able to get 5pin DIN connectors anywhere...

The output connector is DIN too. I usually see them on german car stereos...


That's the one, pheeew, I thought it was some special, ancient WWII Telefunken plug :)
thanks a million tons man!
I'll head over to some electronics shops and see if I can find those plugs.

here's a some money for you :)



2008-01-16 6:43 pm
thanks for the replies, I appreciate it!

I went to a parts store and bought one of these:
I didn't know that the Magnetophone/Reel input was in+out! :eek:
that's awesome!

I bought a 2pin DIN speaker cable "head" so I can wire it to a bigger system/speakers

anyways, thanks a ton you guys, you helped a lot!
especially you charles, offering a DIN plug :)

-Geir Helgi


2008-01-16 6:43 pm
ok, a small update :)

I tried to connect my computer to the radio via the rca->din adapter and I got sound!
but it's very, very, very low.. "turntable-without-a-mixer-low":D hehe

so I have to amplify the signal before it goes in?
how do I re-amp line level to "magnetophon"level?

also, I tried the output of the vivanco through the magnetophon output and didn't get anything, can it be that the telefunken is mono (i.e. only in?)

another question:
I'm thinking this nice telefunken is too nice to "mod"
so I'm gonna head to the fleamarket and goodwill to see if I can find a "crappier" one :)

here's what I'm thinking:
source/cd-player/ipod/instrument/what ever -> tube radio -> mixer/amplifier = digital stuff gone through analog tubes and stuff (i.e. the horrible word "warmed" up :D)..

is this possible?
would I have to seriously mod the board inside the radio to achieve this?


2007-05-07 10:11 pm
Dear Helgi

Your Telefunken is Mono although it has the 5-pin Din connectors.
Nevertheless it should play very well on a pc-soundcard if you press the "TA" bottom.
I think you just hit the wrong pin with the adapter wire.

TheTellis output-signal on the 5-pin Din-outlet is very low,
connect it to the Microfon-Input of your soundcard.

Have Fun !