Replacement tweter for KRK rokit 8 2nd gen ?

Hello, I want to get better tweeters for my krk 8 2gen.
I was looking for mountable ones that I can drill a hole on top and rewire .
Any suggestions?
I found these :
PIONEER TS-A300TW 20mm 450 Watt Component Tweeter
The tweeters I have now are working but with age I think they just don't sound so clean , I did clean up the amplifier board and replaced caps with low ESR nichicon.
And I don't feel like paying KRK $40 for each twwter and getting the same crap, in don't really care about astetics too much.

Thank you
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pretty terrible idea for many reasons that I'm sure folks will chime in and cover. I'll do one.

the speakers crossover was made for the original tweeter, putting something random in like car tweeter will more than likely not sound good. 40 per tweeter isn't that bad at all and a small price to pay to avoid the hassle of sourcing an appropriate alternative.
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