Replacement Tweeter for Infinity Kappa 8.2i Series II

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I have been reading the forums for a few years but I finally decided to register and make my first post.

So the story is: I keep a pair of Infinity Kappa 8.2i Series II speakers that are powered by a B&K AVR 307 as my main. I've had this setup for years and for the most part, it's a decent setup. Last week, some friends visited from out of town and one of them decided to poke the tweeter in one of the speakers...So now I need to get the tweeters replaced.

The tweeter is an EMIT-R and are rated 4 ohms, 50w RMS / 100w peak, 2,000hz to 22,000hz. As for the Kappa 8.2 it is a 4 way with a 30.5cm IMG woofer, a 15cm IMG midbass coupler, a 7.6cm Polydome midrange, and a 28mm Series II EMIT-R tweeter.

My problem: these EMIT-R tweeters are discontinued and seems to be very hard to come by these days. I've been looking for a few weeks.

The question: would there be any good alternative to the EMIT-Rs? I do like the sound of them but I don't mind changing. I'd like to pickup the replacement for under $150 and any advice on the crossover setup would be much appreciated!

Replacements for the old Infinity 902-5754 are hard to come by but a Polydome like 902-5345 may work.

You may want to try these guys as they do have some other options that may be suitable.
Speaker Exchange | Infinity Emit R Tweeter 902-5754

Since the tweeter crosses over above 4.7kHz, then it might not be too bad. If a 8 ohm tweeter is used instead of the 4 ohm original, then generally C1 is halved and L1 is doubled. The SPL is a bit of hit and miss but the speaker does have an adjustable L-Pad and R1 can be increased if the SPL is too high. ZD1,2 may have to be removed if a non Emit tweeter is used.

SB29RDNC-C000-4 may work as it's 4 ohm but the lower end roll off and SPL may not suit the existing crossover. There are other members here that may have a better idea so I've added the Kappa 8.1 tech info which should be close.

Good luck.


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Many tweeters come with a 4Ω coil, like the Vifa with ring radiator , or just the bare dome
without the faceplate, which cost even less . As Rabbitz said, the protection with the two zener diodes in anti-series can be removed. I would remove also the wire potentiometers
used for fine tuning the midrange and the tweeter .
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