Replacement transistors

Hi everyone,

I'm in a process of repairing a vintage Saba CI310 integrated amplifier with burned outputs. It uses 2SC1827/2SA769 as an output pair (TO220 BJT's) which seem to be obsolete. Can someone recommend a modern (obtainable) replacement for them ?



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That would be ideal for a multi-parallel output stage that gives a high level of ClassA current from a optimal bias triple EF.
Try 5pairs of 80W devices into 0r1 emitter resistors.
Bias to ~190mA each for a maximum ClassA output current of ~1.9A (=14W of ClassA into 8ohms) and a maximum output power of 160W into 8ohms from a 40-0-40Vac transformer.
Thank you guys :)

I put MJE15030/MJE15031 in as I could buy them in my neighborhood and it is singing again :). With new transistors it was biased too high so I replaced one resistor in biasing circuit with multiturn trimmer which I had in my drawer and biased it to current level of the other channel.


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