Replacement Tips For Hakko 900M

Hey all. I have a Hakko 936 station that takes the 900M tips. Apparently, they discontinued the 900M tips in favor of a new series T18, or something like that.

My questions is has anyone ever used Plato tips on their Hakko units? Or, other "generic" tips for that matter? If so, how do they compare to OEM? Also, does anyone know what the difference is between the old 900M series Hakko tips and the newer T18 series tips? The description under the T18 tips shows that they fit a variety of different Hakko stations, including as replacements for the 900M. I'm just curious as to what is different about them.

So, no one has any experience or comments with Plato tips? How good is the fit on the Hakko units? Anything?

I'm asking because I have about 10 tips in my shopping cart at Mouser and would like to hear something about them before I pull the trigger. I don't want to waste that kind of money if they're not worth it. I'm making an order with Mouser anyway, so it's more cost effective in terms of shipping to just buy these if they're OK. If Mouser sold Hakko tips, I'd buy those, but they don't.

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I know this is an old thread, but instead of starting a new thread here is my question: Can anyone recommend GOOD replacement 900M type tips that actually last and do not rapidly dissolve during use? I think the problem is that most 900M replacement don't have the necessary iron barrier layer.

I just repaired an interface and quickly heating and pulling the bad capacitors also ate the end right off of a new 900M tip. Years ago I never remember having any such problem even with economical Radio Shack irons.

I have a couple decent solder stations but I would like to find a source of properly made/quality replacement tips.