Replacement Suggestions for 10" woofers

Hi All,

I’m trying to replace a pair of 10” Woofers that came in my Kenwood KSC-9903 behind-the-seat boxes. They are 3 speaker boxes with a woofer, a mid-range and a tweeter. Trying to sift through all the potential options is a littler overwhelming to say the least. I have a 400 watt 2 channel amplifier that puts out 100 watts RMS/200 watts peak per channel. I don’t have a lot a details on the speakers. From what I can gather from the web the power rating of the speakers is in line with the amplifier, 100 RMS/200 peak. The frequency is 40 Hz - ? The manual does say that the crossover frequency is 2000 Hz and 6000 Hz so I am assuming the range of the woofer is 40 Hz – 2000 Hz. Impedance is 4 ohms. Can anyone suggest a replacement speaker that will be as good or better than the original?