Replacement Speaker for Boston Digital Media Theater Subwoofer


2010-12-28 12:35 am
Basically I have this really old Boston Digital Media Theater system, that still works perfectly even after 11 years or so. The only problem is that in the past 5 years or so the bass started to go 'floppy' through the subwoofer (it wasn't clear/sharp, it 'fuzzled' out). When I opened the subwoofer I noticed what the problem was, the plastic ring sitting ontop of the speaker started to deteriorate, the plastic was falling off

Does anyone know where I can get a replacement speaker for the subwoofer (and if its worth it to replace it). Apart from that the Boston Digital Media Theater is working fantastic :)


2012-05-05 3:28 pm
NB: I'm aware of the fact I'm responding to an old thread, I came here through Google and I just registered. However, I believe the issue is relevant to this topic and might complete it.

Hi, Deteego, I hope you read this message.

I have the same problem as you can see. I removed the ring completely and the sounds isn't resonating quit as much as before. I can imagine quality will improve if repaired.

Indeed, I love this sound system and for me it is not replaceable.

Have you done the repair and can you give me advise?