Replacement platter for reel-to-reel recorder?

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The middle shaft of one of the platters on a faithfull 10.5" tape recorder has broken off. It is a Belgian-made Carad R73, manufactured about 1971-1973, I think no more than 1000 to 1500 units were ever made. Manufacturer disappeared in 1975, no spare parts to be found. On the average, two units are for sale per year, most of them suffer from the same problem or are ridiculously expensive for just a replacement part.

Any ideas on replacement tellers, repairs, using platters from other manufacturers, etc. are welcome.



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Carad was not a big company, so many existing parts were actually bought from other manfacturers. I would try looking at nearest neighbours - Tandberg (B&O r2r were built around them) - or Philips which was also produced in Belgium. I believe with these two you have big chances to find the original part. Later today, I can measure the diameter and height of Revox platter and send you the info - if it fits, you can buy it cheaply on the Internet.
One question: how is the platter fixed to the reel motor?

The platters and the brake wheel all are in one piece. Maybe I could use the axe from a Revox A77 or B77 reel platter? -- the center is hollow and has already a 4mm metric thread in it.

The platter is just fixed on the axe of the Pabst reel motor.

I still would prefer someone tells me that these platters look exactly like the ones from make X or brand Y :)




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They look very unfamiliar to me, so it is possible they were indeed only made by Carad. A Revox platter would fit in dimensions you mentioned, but then it would require extra metal work and centering to mount on brake wheel by means of three crews. I believe epoxy glueing would solve the problem better.
The issue is also that the existing centerpiece has been glued too many times. The previous owner had applied abrasive paper to straighten it, making it now very troublesome to glue it (up)right 8-|

Worse, I have another machine of this type with both centerpieces missing. I always considered that one as a source for spares, but it would not be bad if I'd return it into an operational state, as the (Bogen) heads and (Pabst) motors are still pretty much OK, those reel platters are the only issue.

Seems worth a try to make a replica. A few other collectors may even be interested -- I know of two of them in France with a similar problem. This platter is the weak spot of this model.

Thank you all,
the Revox A77 top platter is bolted wih 3 screws to the sub platter. Having a machinist drill the 3 holes must be easier than making a new assembly, - or maybe the whole Revox assy can be easier adapted. You can find the Revox manual by searching.
Mine are both tucked away at a remote storage, and I just cannot recall by memory exactly how it looked....
top platter and brake drum looks very similar.....
Hi rockandsouldadd,

Thank you for your offer. By a rather exceptional stroke of luck, I came across a former employee of Carad who was active in the audio repair & maintenance dept. He still had a few of these tellers in his attic, as well as a few other items (capstan rollers etc.). All NOS... I now have enough materials to bring my three R73 recorders back in reasonable shape. Some day, I may even have the time finish the job :)

The man provided me with the full service manual of this recorder. I can provide scans to anyone interested.

Unfortunately, one machine has it's tape heads in a state as if abrasive paper had been applied to them; these half-track Bogen heads (UA221, UK202, UL291) are nowhere to be found these days. If any reader of this forum has them trailing...

Thank you and best regards,

Hi there,

I dig up this thread because I recently bought a CARAD R73 which is joining my vintage tape recorders' collection (reVox'es serie 36, serie 77, AKAI, and now CARAD), and I'd like to put it back in service.

Jacques, you mention you have contact with somebody who worked at CARAD's maintenance service.

I think this person might be of great help for my project if you wish to disclose the contact.

Thanks in adavance for any help.

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