replacement of three pin rectifier with new two pin for transformer


2010-12-29 12:41 pm
Hello, I wonder if anyone couild help
I am rather an amateur in electronics but I am trying to repair a supply transforner output 9v (casio model) for an electronic piano keyborad . It seems that the two rectifiers are gone. Rather old model using three pin rectifiers 1D2C1 and 1D2Z1. What I found as replacement for both is IN4007 which is a two pin . Can I use the new ones instead and how do I solder them instead of the three pin. Cannot find anything on the net.

thank you
You will need four 1n4007 diodes, since your existing rectifiers each contain two diodes, conected cathode to cathode (stripe to stripe) for the 1D2C1; and anode to anode (non-stripe to non-stripe) for the 1D2Z1.

Just mach up the 1N4007 diodes to the diodes shown in this datatasheet picture, stripes on the diode body match the vertical lines on the diagram.


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