Replacement for old Audax bass driver?


2008-01-03 10:13 pm
The bass drivers on beloved old SD Acosutics SD1 loudspeakers have died - bad case of rotten rubber surround! From searcing the web, it appears that the original small British speaker manufacturer is now out of business, so I can't contact them for more information.

The drivers have model information rather badly printed on the back, best I can make out:
Audax MHD24P45TSM 8 (ohm) 2CA14 1450

I'm a newbie to this game, so all I've deciphered so far is that these are Audax 240 mm units. The Audax France website doesn't appear to have any information on this particular model. It looks as if Audax make several 240 mm units, with varying parameters (e.g. sensitivity), so how to proceed??

Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Best regards
Adrian Land
San Carlos CA USA