Replacement for 4136CP


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2007-09-15 8:14 am
There's a blast from the past. The supply pins are different to most common quad opamps you will come across so you can't just swap directly. On the 4136 pin 11 was positive and pin 7 negative. I can't think of anything "audiophile" with this pin out. Maplin used these in one of there kit amps around 1980 I recall. Shame as replacing these would certainly be an improvement, although they were touted at the time as being for high quality audio with a :bigeyes: class A/B output stage.
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2008-04-05 5:00 pm

If you really search a replacement and upgrade the dual op amp NE5532 can be a good choice .
Far more better in speed , noise , distortion and output , unity gain stable . No decoupling tricks and is cheap ...

But you must buy 14 and make an adapter board .
One has to remember that in the early/mid-70's that there wasn't a dominant standard pinout for quad opamps, as they were relative newcomers. A lot of manufacturers like Raytheon, Exar, TI, etc. used the 4136 pinout, while others adopted the LM324 pinout. The single and dual (in DIP-8) pinouts were pretty much cast in stone by that time. The LM324 pinout eventualy won out. It probably helped that some of the makers of the 4136-style pinout opamps faded into the sunset...

I agree with many others that one could do a whole lot better than the 4136 these days - it would be worth your while to use an adapter board.

I'm faced with a simialr situation. I have a Technics and a Kenwood amp needing repairs. The output stages look decent, but the preamp sections are full of nasty 4558 clones of various sorts - not for long, though....