Replacement for 2SD88 transistor

Helping a poster on another forum with his Sony STR-6060F and it looks like we are going to need to replace output transistors. Original parts are 2SD88, which are no longer available. What is the latest recommended replacement for that part? I found some older posts listing a MJ21194G as a replacement, but that seems like so much overkill.
This is a classic old TO-3 NPN power transistor. In those days I replaced everything similar with 2n3773, which are still available and made by several vendors. It is similar to the MJ21194G but a bit cheaper. Much cheaper from Amazon but those may not be the best. 2n3773 became the standard part used in most larger audio amps, sometimes with the PNP compliment 2n6609. 2n3773 was a lot tougher than most other transistors of the day. They are slow by today's standards but not slower than 2SD88. I have used these to make a couple old receivers "bulletproof".
Sounds like a pretty good option My only concern is the beta listed for the 2N3773 is slightly lower than the 2SD88. I'll look closer at this one. (looked closed using LTspice. Beta not an issue - this looks like the best bet)

I also ran across the 2N3716. On this one the Vcbo is 80 volts, same as the 2SD88, but would prefer something a -bit- higher.
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