Replacement for 2SD1915, 2SA1708/2SC4488 and diodes

Hello to all!

I am looking for replacement of these parts:

A: 2SD1915 (printed text in it is D1915 FT 64). I did some googling, and I've found this:
BC33740BU ON Semiconductor | Discrete Semiconductor Products | DigiKey
Is it ok? Or is 'out there' some better replacement?

B: Diodes all of them are Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode
1. HSS104 (Silicon Epitaxial Planar Diode for High Speed Switching) HTTP 301 This page has been moved
2. HZS162 (Silicon Epitaxial Planar Zener Diode) HZS162 Datasheet(PDF) - Renesas Technology Corp
3. MA185 (Silicon epitaxial planar type) Panasonic SKF00007AED datasheet pdf

C: 2SA1708/2SC4488 replacement.

I tried tick the values on product page, but it found similar items also out of stock. :confused:
Anyway, the most important for me is the A item: 2SD1915 as it is for CD input (schematic here, please ignore the red stuff inside :))

Thanks! Milan
Hi MilanAudio

to find accurate replacement parts i go to

i search the part and when it positively identifies the part its gives an option to find suitable replacements.

for this particular part i have done it for you, give it a try, its a very handy tool


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