Replacement drivers for Wilson WATT 3

I recently completed my first DIY project which was rear speakers to go with my Wilson WATT 3s. I basically used cabinets the same size (though not material) with the same drivers and an active crossover. And they are a pretty good match.

So I got to thinking how one could improve the WATTs by replacing the rather inexpensive drivers (Focal T90 Kevlar and SEAS CA17RCY) and keeping the excellent cabinets.

Any thoughts on suitable replacements?

Just by measuring, the Raven R1 would fit with some playing around, and the SEAS W17EX002 or Focal Audiom 6WM would also fit into the space allowed.

The crossover would be the dbx Driverack PA which allows total 3 way control of crossover points and slopes up to 24dB/octave as well as three bands of paramatric EQ per driver to massage response.

I'm just theorizing at the moment, but all responses are welcome.