Replacement Bulb needed


2008-02-13 8:55 pm
I need a replacement bulb for my Toshiba TDP-S26 DLP (yes, Best Buy Black Friday deal...). I just need the bulb, not the entire lamp housing assembly. All of the parts suppliers I have contacted don't carry a replacement.

Disassembling my lamp, the bulb itself doesn't have any markings on it indicating a part number, but there is an aluminum round plate on the rear electrode connection with "SHP74 23311121" stamped in it. The front of the bulb is "square", 2" x 2", 180W.

I am an electrical engineer and have the tools and skills to perform some surgery, but could use some guidance as to what suitable alternatives might exist for this bulb. It seems difficult to find any real specifications on this OEM part, or potential replacements.

Thanks for your help!