Replacement 8 inch driver for REL Quake

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Hello hello.

First post.

I picked up a second hand and rather beat up old REL Quake.

The speaker/amp work well as far as I can judge. I am not driving it hard - using on my hifi, intending to fill out the sound from my old Rogers ls4a speakers.

The 8" driver produces a slight papery buzz in operation.. which I judge to be the cone or coil but not sure here.

There is a dent on the dust cover, so it has had some sort of ding before i took it on.

I will take the driver out and have a look at it when i have a bit of time. See if there is anything loose causing the noise.

In the mean-time, My Question. I am wondering if there is a half decent new original or aftermarket replacement available out there for the driver?

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Feel building something custom could be on horizon. Will check out that software. Ta!

I shall pull it apart it and see what I find.

My first go at setting up a sub on my hifi - seems worth me continuing to explore. So far I am pleased with the results or paring a sub with the rogers speakers and my silly little 1970's bookshelf amp!
Hi Tumshie from Scotland,

could you find the cause of the slight buzz in your Quake? is it the speaker itself? What is the type of your sub: the first one (with the 10" driver) or the n°2 model (with an 8" driver)? If it's the latter one (reference drvm 080201 AFAIK), could you find one in good shape?
Many questions, sorry ;)
I've got one at home which is OK, and a second one that misses its speaker, that's the reason why I'm looking for information and if possible a single speaker to match.
First thing you do before shelling out dosh is check the driver. Unscrew it from the enclosure and listen in free air.

The bad news is that it's probably not financially viable to find a decent replacement driver of similar specifications.

However, there is a quick and dirty solution. Cube subwoofers were extremely popular a few years ago. Subsequently, everybody made one. They are all 1 cu ft, ported, with an 8" driver. Off the top of my head: REL Quake, Monitor Audio Vector VW-8, Gale Storm 8, Eltax Atomic 8, Wharfedale WH-D8 . .. the list is endless.

Some of these products have well-documented issues. e.g. The Quake and VW-8 inherent PSU faults and their age makes repair costs poor value.

True story: I bought a Gale Storm 8 for £9 (the owner's cat took a liking to the front cover). The Gale has an awful dual-coil driver which I sold for £15. I paid £5 for a VW-8 with aforementioned faulty plate amp. I sold the faulty plate amp to a specialist repair centre for £35. The story goes on . . .

To cut to the chase . . . I have Monitor Audio driver in Gale enclosure being driven by an Eltax plate amp. All profits from these shenanigans were donated to the local pub landlord.

The real point of this story is that there was never any math to be done. Every one of these manufacturer's cabinets are 20ltrs +/- 5% . . .
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.