replace of op amp OPA2227 to ne5532?

I have make up this circuit but running the wm 60 mic
using the 3 wire setup FROM :

mic pin 1 to 10v
mic pin 2 through 2,2 uf plastic film cap to op amp + input

On the op amp circuit I change r1 and r2 to 10 k.

Is this a good way of making a circuit for running a wm 60 balanced from 48v phantom power?

can i just replace the op amp with more easy to get low noise op amp (ne5532)?

I wan't to make a mic that can be
handle high spl about 120db. and at the same time be low noise for low level recordings. maybe with the posibility of switcing in a low cut filter40/50 hz.

Since the electret mic from panasonic is so good but have e bit noisy Jfet for low level recordings where lots of gain is required.
I want to know what Fet can replase the inside build one?

I have opened on mic capsule and I think I can make it posible to use external fet.

I know that this is not realy a amp issue bot if some body know about this kind of stuff let me know.

best regard JC. dk.