Replace 1/4" Inout Jack that is mounted to circuit board


2016-01-22 2:59 am
Good Evening. I have an Aria AB-25 practice amp. The input Jack assembly is plastic with a metal sleeve to accept the guitar cord. The metal sleeve is gone. The headphone jack looks identical to the input jack. If I don't have plans to use the headphone jack can I just swap them. Or, can anyone tell me what the Jack is called so I can order a replacement? I've included a pic for identification purposes. Thank you!
If you added a photo link, it didn't show up. Did you just join? At first your posts will be moderated until they are satisfied you are not a spammer. That might explain a missing photo link.

But we do need a photo of the jack, because your description fits several types.

Chances are the headphones jack won't work. Some Cliff jacks would. (That is a brand)

usually headphones jacks are "stereo" types, what we call TRS, for tip-ring-sleeve. Your input jack is usually "mono" or TS, for tip-sleeve. Sometimes you can use the TRS in place of TS, and sometimes not.

Of course when I say that, I am talking about replacing a jack with the same style. Not talking about wiring in some totally different style.
If you get a replacement jack of the same type, keep in mind that you might be able to use the metal sleeve from the new jack to replace the missing one. That would save the need for soldering etc.
The exception to this would be if the 'thread is gone' in the plastic body of the existing jack.

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Hmmm, yes. I guess it depends on what metal sleeve means. Some plastic jacks have a metal insert around the entry hole, it can fall out but the jack still functions. Other plastic jacks have a metal mounting bushing with threads. If that snaps off the plastic body, the jack is no longer useful.

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