Rephase / Jriver media center for bridging amplifier


2018-08-01 12:02 pm

Referring to this thread:

I was wondering if its possible in rephase/ Jriver to bridge amplifier by inverting phase?

The system is 3 way active computer based crossover/ dsp with jriver, rephase,rew ..

My is system: computer --》 rew/jriver -- 》rme ufx six out -- 》 amps 6 channels-- 》3 way stereo

Rme has enough outputs, for example 8 channels

First highs 2ch, and mids 2ch

- 4 outs for 2 bass woofers
- equals 2 outs per one bass woofer per one amp (both channels for one woofer)
- one of those two is phase inverted

My amps are good but lacks a bit of juice

I am a newbie, i can do the basic convolution files, but have no clue how this could be done