Reparing Magnepan SMGs tweeter

I have two cracks in the tweeter aluminum stripes and looking for material to fix it. This stripe are glued to mylar film. I've tried to use some aluminum foil on conducted glue, but it doesn't want to stick for some reason. What I could use to fix it? Some conductive glue or more reliable brand of aluminum foil on conductive glue perhaps?
I would appreciate advice.



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2005-01-09 2:32 am
I have replace maggie tweeter voice coils many times - not that difficult - 36ga copper magnet wire from rat shack. Google magnepan voice coil repair Peter Gunn.

A little acetone will remove the glue and wire. Glue the 6 passes (?) to mylar with fresh (must be fresh or won't work right) DAP Weldwood from home depot and you will never have to replace them again.

Otherwise, I have heard of some people retracing the missing sections of voice coil with metalic PCB tracing pens, and heard someone else connecting wire sections with blobs of graphite door lock lubricant.
I must finally get round to buying the ribbon replacement kit from them to repair one damaged true-ribbon tweeter in my old MG-2.5R speakers. As I'm in the UK, it would make life so much easier if I could communicate with them using email. Does anyone know if there is an email contact for Magneplanar yet? (Or why they're so Luddite that they still have to be contacted by telephone!)