Reparing a new transformer

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I've just received a 1000va transformer from Avel for my Aleph 4 project. The problem is that due to poor packaging I think, the outer covering of the transformer is torn in several places exposing the windings inside by the plates, nuts and screws during transportation. The windings are dented exposing the the copper. I tested it with a meter and indeed the wire insulation is destroyed. I've wote to Avel, but up to now there is now response.

Is this problem repairable? Is there any way for me to verify the integrity of the transformer, whether it is in good condition or not, without connecting it to live AC?

What material is the transformer wraped with? Can the exposed winding be insulated? My main fear is that whether this transformer is ok or not.

What shall I do????????

If the windings are dented to the extent that the enamel is compromised I would be very concerned about a fault. It would actually be much worse if it is determined to function and then fails in the future due to thermal stress or vibration creating a short. This could create a hazardous condition.

I would definitely get this replaced.
Yes, I think the enamal (I don't know what it is called before. Thank you) is exposed. I register a full reading on the meter on the dented areas. Because I bought it over the internet, I am troubled of how I can get a replacement. The product is insured.
Any advice of how I can do a claiment is very much appreaciated.This is the first time I try a DIY and I am not famliar with US law over international purchasing over the internet.

By the way a get a mild electic shock when I test the transformer with the meter set to X1. I wonder how this can happen?:(
I would hope that the company or seller you purchased the unit from would handle the replacement. It is often very difficult to collect on the insurance through the shipper. You will need to investigate the policies of the shipper for their claims process. I recommend documenting the damage as much as possible to prove that it was damaged in transit. Still, I would not try to file a claim unless it is your only choice b/c the shipper will likely claim the damage is not covered due to insufficient packing etc.

BTW transformer wiring is usually coated with enamel because
a) higher temp than plastic/rubber/etc insulation
b) thinner than plastic insulation

Then a wrap is often layered over the wire for additional protection. In your case it sounds like both the wrap and the enamel coating is missing, exposing the copper core.
Thank you Tiroth,
Your concerned reply has cheered me up. Well, I thank my God for you, a stranger and a samaritan. He taught me not to despised the small things in life, and, maybe I am too greedy in my first time diy, using a whooping 1000va transformer. I hope the expert will not laugh at me for I haven't even started building and loo, this "time bomb". I really don't know what to do. Should I take risk to use it?

If this transformer can be saved, pls help. As I have limited budget, I can't afford another transformer. I will try to take a picture of this transformer and post it here. I hope my first diy won't be rip.


For the electric shock I think the following is what happens:

The meter you are using is using a small voltage to measure the resistance of the coil and by doing that causes a small current which causes a magnetic field in the transformer. When you release the test leads the transformer will see this as a change in magnetic field and as it is an inductor it will try to prevent this change in magnetic fields by creating a voltage the opposite direction which for a brief moment is quite high and gives you the shock.

This is normal but can be painful...

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