Repairing Peavey PV-8.5c - Transistor substitute

The MPS6531 is

  • Collector-Emitter Volt (Vceo): 40V
  • Collector-Base Volt (Vcbo): 60V
  • Collector Current (Ic): 1.0A
  • hfe: 90-270 @ 100mA
  • Power Dissipation (Ptot): 625mW
  • Current-Gain-Bandwidth (total): -
  • Type: NPN
  • MPS6533 is PNP
So almost anything will do. BD137/9 etc

The amp must have suffered a catastrophic failure as they have no current path feeding them!
The only path is through a pair of 1N4148 diodes or 3k9 resistors which will certainly have blown in this case.