repairing 5-7k amps


2006-09-22 8:32 am
Parts arent hard to find for theese amp But they can get expensive to fix.

Also can be very time consuming to repair just depends on what your willing to spend for parts and how much time you want to put into this amp.

My friend just repaired one of thoose amps and spent about 250.00 in parts alone ( all new outputs,new driver board, resistors, diode,transistors ect.

He had about 20 hours of troubleshooting and replacing parts.
The biggest problem with these amps is that if you miss one defective part (which may not be obviously defective until it's removed from the board), it can destroy all of the outputs and the driver ICs on the driver boards INSTANTLY when power is applied.

The outputs are in short supply right now and if you can find them, they're typically very expensive.