Repair of power strip ?


2013-03-09 5:17 am
Monster power strip hts 1000mk2
All caps.
Turn it on get a buzzing noise , something internally needs repaired .
Need a cheap soldier tool but still do not have one [emoji3516]
Any help ?
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This is gonna be a harsh reality check, but I'd like to make this very very clear: if you're asking how to fix it, you're not qualified to fix it.

The electrical safety situation in America is poor. It's perfectly possible to overload an extension lead and cause a fire, lack of shutters on sockets, etc etc etc. I could go on, but I won't.

If someone unqualified attempts to repair a mains appliance, there's a non-zero risk of the result catching fire, or maybe you'll mess up the connections and put live 110V on the chassis of an appliance. Now, how much of a risk do you wanna take? Is 10% okay with you and your family, or would 1% be better? 50-50?

The answer is this: the only acceptable risk for this sort of thing is zero.

Find a local electrician, ask them to fix it and certify it as safe.

Searching for "Monster power strip hts 1000mk2" shows as first results 3 videos, 2 of which are called
* Monster Power HTS 1000 MKII buzzing noise
watdahel YouTube - Jun 9, 2017


* Monster Power surge protector loud Humm
Spyfox2212 YouTube - Nov 22, 2013

First Google suggestion for search terms is:
* monster power hts 1000 buzzing

so CLEARLY it is a poorly designed product,buzz/hum is "normal" so there is nothing for you (or anybody else) to "repair"

I would send it back for a refund and buy something else.

If anybody, Factory should redesign it and issue a better product.