Repair of DBX 3bx Expander.....Where to get it repaired.

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Does anyone out there know of a knowledgable repair
facility for the older DBX 3bx dynamic range expander ?

Dbx is now calling itself Dbxpro and will not repair this unit.
It was manufactured back in 1981.

I live in Massachusetts USA and would prefer not to have to ship it very far.

Thank You much for any information.

oldheathkitphil:smash: :smash: :smash:
I was able to down load a schematic for it and everything on the schematic looks normal, with the exception of one chip that has a number 14X221. The X is either a G or a 6. But a search for both shows nothing and they use this chip quite a lot.

The problem with so much gear from the past is that the chips are no longer in production, finding replacements can be impossible. That maybe why DBX doesn't want to touch it.

It may be something simple in the power supply it uses a +&(-) 12 and 24 volt. More often than not I find the problem resides in the supply, but what did the supply take with it when it went?

What's it doing?
Thank you Dryseals for answering ...............

So far the dbx 3bx is working fine.............

I purchased it on Ebay a few months agp at a fairly low price not really knowing if it would work properly or not.............

But it does.........however...........I just want to know where a reliable repair facility would be if it does malfunction in the future.

I am using it to add a bit more dynamic range to lp's when I transfer my old record collection to cd...........

I am very pleased with the results.

Here in Massachusetts there were a number of knowledgable repair facilities that specialized inolder equipment but they seem to have gone out of business.

Again many thanks for responding and please let me know if you or a friend know of a relaible service facility in the Massachusetts

LP to CD, Hmmm sounds interesting. I just bought a new turntable just for that reason and built a raid PC with 930 gig of drive space to hold the recordings. A DBX might be a good add on for me. I still need to pickout a sound card and the software.

Tell me about your setup, I'd like to know what others are doing.

As for reliable repair places, I think they have all but gone by the way side. I do my own and have since the mid 70's, you might find some folks in a hamm radio club that still do board level trouble shooting and find someone that still does this almost lost art.
This old topic is closed. If you want to reopen this topic, contact a moderator using the "Report Post" button.