Remote Power Supply Connectors


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2004-05-23 10:59 pm
Wynnewood, PA, USA

I am a newbie and am considering building a two-box integrated amp. Yup, I know, it sounds counterintuitive. The idea is to build the power supplies for the amplifier and preamp in one box and the actual amp and preamp in another. The problem is in the connection between the two boxes -- I think I need 9 wires running between the two boxes, as follows:

Chassis Ground
Amp DC+ (approx 36 vdc)
Amp DC- (approx 36 vdc)
Amp DC Gnd
Preamp DC + (approx 15 vdc)
Preamp DC - (approx 15 vdc)
Preamp Gnd
LED + (approx 2 vdc)

Can anyone confirm that I can combine the separate ground lines for the amp together (e.g., DC- Gnd and DC+ Gnd)? I assume that I can do the same for the preamp. I want as good sounding a result as possible with my budget, so I want to separate the amp and preamp power supplies. I have heard that LEDs introduce some noise, so they will be on their own little power supply.

What I need are connectors for the boxes and the cable that can handle the current. Can anyone suggest a source?