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Hello out there in DyiAudio land. I have a Hafler DH101 pre-amp that I bought maybe 30 years ago and have had in my stereo system set up ever since. Its still working just fine.

I'm wondering how I might somehow introduce a volume remote control to my Hafler so I can run my 60" LED TV sound thru it? Short of spending a LOT of money for a really good surround sound TV system, it would be SO kool if I could just run the sound out of my big screen TV and thru my wonderful Hafler with its Yamaha power amp and thru my JBL 4313s.

Does anyone have any idea how to make that happen? Thank you very much
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I will try that on my new 60" LED TV. I tried to make this happen with the smaller LED TV that I had but didn't use the headphone input soooo...when I used the remote to turn sound down, it turned the TV sound down but not the stereo sound down. Hopefully your suggestion will solve my issue. Thank you. I'll let you know. ciao bob
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Many newer TV's have a variable audio out jack. Hook that up to the pre-amp and turn the internal speaker in your tv off. The only disadvantage is that your amp has to be turned quite high and you have to remember to turn it down before switching to another source or you get a nasty surprise. With mine it's OK because the amp is dedicated so no worries.

If you don't have a variable out then the other way to do it is with a HD cable box. Same thing with the amp though.
Hey Cal...thanks for your reply. I bought a $200 surround sound system for the TV. Its only 600 watts and just doesn't get loud enough for certain programs particularly music stuff. Its hooked into the mini-plug in of the TV which "may" be the headphone in...???
All the other RCA inputs on the back of the TV are taken up by the ATT UVerse equipment, so I'm not sure which if any of those I can use. I guess I need to consult ATT UVerse about that. Yeah?
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$200 surround sound system for the TV.
Its only 600 watts and just doesn't get loud enough for certain programs
One of the above two statements is incorrect, I suspect the second. 600 real watts even with low sensitivity speakers is enough to cause damage.
UVerse about that.
If that includes a cable box then your problem should be solved, you run the audio to the box not the receiver. It's been a long time since I did it but I check the exact connection when I get home tonight.

What model of tv do you have?
On the topic of adding remotes in general... If I understand the theory correctly, it is usually best to adjust the volume on your final amplifier while keeping the signal hot through your whole audio chain for the best snr. Wouldn't it be a great idea to add a remote controller to a final amplifier so that it could be adjusted conveniently while leaving your source near maximum volume? I'm often forced to keep my source relatively quiet so that it can be adjusted for different movie scenes, etc. because my amplifier cannot be adjusted easily.
Let me put it this way Cal...the box says 600 watts for the Vizio Home Entertainment system which is a long, thin enclosure with maybe 4 small high end speakers in it and a separate woofer. According to the "expert" at Walmart where I bought it...the wattage is divided among the number of speakers in the Vizio system which brings down the volume considerably even tho its listed at 600 w. 30 year old Yamaha power amp is 100 watts per channel, and it is REALLLLLLL loud soooo...there is some sort of verbal and/or electronic inequity between real wattage and the claimed wattage of these new, inexpensive home entertainment systems...I think, anyway. I've just run RCA plugs out of the back of the ATT UVerse cable box and into the AUX of my Hafler. That runs the sound fine, but the ATT UVerse remote doesn't affect the volume...???
The 600w rating is usually based on the following:

The front-left channel can put out 100w. Once. Into a dead short.
Therefore all the channels can do that. Simultaneously.

Therefore this unit is rated at 6x100w=600w.

Whether or not the unit survives the test is irrelevant for this sort of gear.


PS - estimate ~20 clean watts per channel.

PPS - you need to use the headphone socket for the telly remote to control the stereo volume control, not the phonos.
Thanks Chris. I haven't tried the headphone jack yet. Thats the jack that the Vizio rig is plugged into. So I'll try that. And if it works, it would mean when every I want to use the real stereo rig for sound, I'd need to change from the Vizio to the stereo OR...use a splitter...??? Like a dual set of inputs thru the headphone input? I'm gonna try that. Thanks guys.
Not being an authority of any kind in this area, I have not expertise to fall back on. I can only say I ran RCA cables out of the back of the ATT UVerse cable box into the aux in of my Hafler and the only control I have over the sound is the Hafler's volume control knob. Its OK tho. I'll only use my stereo system for movies and special cable shows. Otherwise, the home entertainment gizmo I got works well enough. thanks for your comments Cal.
Its the remote that came with the ATT UVerse system...seems pretty universal to me. I've scanned it but can't find a way to send the image via this forum. I'm at if ya wanna respond with yer email, and I'll forward the image. Thanks for your severe interest in this Cal. It would be great to be able to return the $200 home entertainment system and just just my stereo to run the sound thru using the remote to turn the volume up and down.

Try this Cal


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For DIY there is also kits available. I found this: DIYHS Remote Control Kit | DIY HiFi Supply and this PGA2311 LCD Volume Remote Control Gold RCA Jeff Rowland | eBay. With the second one you can also select channels. I don't know about the quality. If you don't want to diy there is products like this one: Keene Retail Ltd, Electronics making AV happen, Products and accessories for video, photography, home cinema and AV
I'm not hifi expert so I can't tell much about quality or sound quality of those products.
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