remote controlled preamp

LINK preamp

Hi guido!

I´ve made a search on elektor magazine and found a suitable circuit; theese are the good news, the bad ones are that the pcb plans are missing, so please, if anyone of you have a copy or know where to get one...

the preamp is called LINK and appeared on January 1989 ( on the Spanish edition of elektor) and the pcb´s are EPS 880132 & EPS 86111.

the characteristic that made this preamp suitable to remote control is that all inputs are selected by push buttons ( pulse ) so it can be controlled by a handset and by the panel´s pushbuttons.

thanks in advance if anybody can help

guido said:

Made a preamp with a motorised alps with remote. If you know to programm a pic controller, you could use the program on my site to decode a philips RC5 remote.

But this is not a kit, maybe it is easier for you to use a kit.
If you know the Elektor magazine, there have been projects in there which do the job you want!


I think the best thing would be an IR receiver that we could use with a 'universal remote'. I mean, most of us have tones of remotes as it is. All you really need is something that can understand the volume of any one of these universal remotes.

There are some learning remotes that you can 'point' at an IR remote to learn the codes. I guess you could use one of these. However, it would be nice if all of these IR 'kits' could use a protocol that's similar to a commercial protocol from any manufacturer.