Relays for speaker protection


2003-01-07 11:01 pm
Relays for speaker protection

I posted this in electronics but haven't gotten any replies so I thought I'd try posting it here.

I am building Rod Elliots Speaker protection circuit to use in my leach amp and I am trying to choose a relay.

Below are two choices:

NTE R25-1D16-12


Tyco's OZ series

Does anyone have any experience with this. Why is the NTE relay 8 dollars while the tyco is only 1? Are there different characteristics that I am not noticing (build quality?)

One final question for a different but related project, Mouser Electronics claims that this relay below is rated at 10A but the data sheet seems to say that its 5A at both 240V and 120V. Is it 10A or 5A at 120V? Can anybody tell?

Any input on either topic would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance