REL Strata 1 - high level input failure


2014-10-15 2:08 pm
Hi everyone and a Happy New Soldering Year!

Just wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction here with this fault?
I can solder, I have a few bits of test equipment eg multimeter / capacitance & inductance meter + a variety of soldering irons & proper leaded solder BUT I am not electronically trained so basic level knowledge (i.e: I understand some of what a capacitor/inductor does re frequency attenuation and appreciate the hazards of a charged cap/mains voltages etc).

On that basis would anyone know what I might look for on the plate amp to replace to get it back working?

The low level works but I don’t like using it in my music set up I have.

Many thanks in advance & appreciation of any help offered here. 🙂


2014-10-15 2:08 pm
Cheers, I’ve parked it up for now but as I’m self isolating I might just pull out the board & take a look. I think I’ve looked at/re-soldered the caps before.
I do have a capacitance meter though - I assume I have to take them out to test then though?
Thank you for your reply - apologies for the long delay!
Looked at it & resoldered the high level input caps. Played some music & the amp didn’t overheat/clip as before so I assume I fixed the faulty connection.
I will look at two suspect items that look like they are heat stressed (brown staining on the underside of the board where they are soldered). If I post a pic I wonder if anyone can help this pleb to identify the values so I can replace with new?
I can solder ok but am not e trained I’m afraid! :(
Still not sure this sub is sounding it’s best which is a shame as I know it’s a decent solid sub.
Thank you for the printers so far folks.
Stay safe.