regulated power supply

Are you interested in a switching regulator or a linear regulator. With linear regulators, they are essentially another power amplifier which require much of the same circuitry as a linear power amplifier. This includes heatsinks, differential amp, voltage and current amplifiers. Also, linear regulators are often slow to respond to transients and could limit the slew rate. A higher voltage than 100V must me generated and regulated down to 100V. What voltage range were you thinking for the input? What type of help did you need?



2002-01-26 12:41 pm
i have come across a lot of threads where the discussion is only about the output or the input devices,but in my opinion a good regulated supply will definitely make a mediocre amp sound good.that is the idea of starting this the way the amp which i am trying to build is similar to qsc 1310.i have got the pcbs made ,i run a pcb factory so in my spare time i did this one.for the voltage and the current specified i think a regulated supply will bring my cost down on the electrolytics and second thing is that i hope the amp will sound a lot better.